Etang De Brigueuil | Carp fishing holidays France
"Thank you for an experience that surpassed all of my expectations. Your hospitality knows no bounds and as for the fishing ...
"WOW" 46 runs, 35 on the bank"

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  • It goes without saying we operate a NO-KILL policy and all fish must be returned to the water in the best conditions without delay.
  • Carp sacks are prohibited.
  • Large landing nets and large well padded unhooking mats are obligatory. These are available to rent on site.
  • Max 4 rods per angler.
  • Micro-barbed or barbed only. only.
  • Minimum 0.35mm line.
  • No braid or lead core.
  • Swingers are obligatory and they must be set in such a way that they can indicate clearly a drop back.
  • Bait boats permitted, respect for neighboring fishermen must be exercised at all times.
  • Entry into water for casting is permitted only to the height of knee length boots.
  • Vehicles are not authorized around the lake so all vehicles must be parked in the specified parking areas.
  • You must respect the environment, flora and fauna at all times.
  • All rubbish to be put in bags and placed in the dustbins provided. Cigarette ends are not to be thrown on the ground or in the lake.
  • No swimming.
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